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"Welcome to the world's biggest quiz festival."

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This holiday season, Kerala is going to witness a Quizzing festival like never before. 50 days, 100 quizzes, 1 lakh rupees in prizes!!!
As a startup to the most Reverberate 12.0 quizzing festival, We present the 50 days of online quizzes. The two events are..
i) Win With MaltoVitaa School Quiz (for students up to Grade 12)
ii) Rays Coaching Center Open Quiz (to everyone regardless of age, profession, education, etc)
Starting from 10th April 2018, everyday one quiz of 10 questions will be posted in each category at evening on the Quiz Festival's Facebook page and other online platforms and contestants can submit entries online through a google form till 11am the next day.
Win With MaltoVitaa School Quiz Series
Rays Coaching Centre Open Quiz Series