• Mar-14-2015 at 9:00 AM
  • Venue : College Of Engineering,Trivandrum

From AR Rahman's old name to the lyrics of Endless River, you know everything about music, but not a musician
From Spielberg's first movie to Brangelina's children's names, you are the god of entertainment
From the opening lines of 1984 to the pet name Rushdie calls Padma, you are literally living in Literature but not a writer
From Picasso's full name to Bharatamuni's Natyashasthra you worship arts and yet not an artist
And if we guess right you are one hell of a quizzer
If so, then get ready to get enchanted by the new Raga of Dhwani - Melakarta the open Mela quiz, rendered by Hrishikesh Varma and Jithin Jacob

 QUIZ MASTER :   Hrishikesh Varma and Jithin Jacob
 PRIZES :   fun and enjoyment are the biggest stakes...also 6K awaits the big 2...
 ORGANIZER :   Govind M Nair
 CONTACT :   9446989142